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Regina Jautokas was born in 1931 in Rietavas, Lithuania. While living in Germany 1945-1950 she studied in Wuerzburg, Schweinfurt and Schwabische Gmuende high schools. In 1950 she emigrated to the United States and settled in Chicago, Illinois, where she graduated from St. Casimir Academy. She began her art studies at the Chicago City College, continued them at Illinois Institute of Technology and graduated from Northwestern University with a Bachelor of Philosophy in Fine Arts degree.. In 1963 she joined the Young Lithuanian Artist Group "Daile" and participated in its shows. In 1968 she had her individual art show presented by the "Satrija" organization at the daily newspaper "Draugas" building.

She expressed herself in paintings, graphics and sculpture. At first she painted in the realistic style, then impressionistic, hard-edge and abstract. Regina's subject themes were as various as her styles - still fife, landscapes, historical and symbolic images. From 1973-1975 she was the director of the "Ciurlionis" Gallery in Chicago. Her art works are in private and institutional collections. Regina's several works are represented at the Art Museum at Plunge, Lithuania.

In 2002 she published a book of her art works and poetry called "Intertwine of Art and Poetry".

Contacting Information
Regina Jautokas can be reached at 8245 Willow Drive #43B, Palos Hills, IL 60465-2560.

Solo Exhibit
1968 - "Satrija" organization, "Draugas" Lithuanian Daily Newspaper's building, Chicago, Illinois

Group Exhibits

  • 1994 - "Zemaiciu" (Samogitian) Artist Exhibit, Art Museum, Plunge, Lithuania
  • 1989 - "Zemaiciu" (Samogitian) Artist Exhibit, Art Museum, Klaipeda, Lithuania
  • 1988 - Lithuanian World Artists Exhibit, Art Museum, Vilnius, Lithuania
  • 1986 - "Time Space" exhibit, Balzekas Museum of Lithuanian Culture, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1986 - "Self Image" by The Lithuanian American Women Artists Association, "Ciurlionis" Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1977 - Lithuanian Women Exhibit, "Ciurlionis" Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1972 - Young Artists "Daile" Exhibit, "Ciurlionis" Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1971 - Young Artists "Daile" Exhibit, "Ciurlionis" Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1967 - Young Artists "Daile" Exhibit, "Ciurlionis" Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1966 - Lithuanian World Youth Congress, "Ciurlionis" Gallery, Chicago, Illinois
  • 1964 - Lithuanian Religious Art, Holy Cross Church, Chicago, Illinois

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