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Arvydas Algminas was born in Lithuania, but emigrated to United States as a young man. While working at various jobs, he attended and graduated from the American Academy of Art, a traditionally oriented private art college in Chicago. After graduation, he worked commercially as a graphic designer and painted in his spare time, concentrating in depicting realistic subject matter in the oil medium.

After working in the commercial art field for several years, Arvydas was invited to teach figure drawing and oil painting at the American Academy of Art, whee he taught for thirty years.

Recently, Arvydas joined a growing number of artists using the computer as a medium for their artistic creativity.

Arvydas's work is represented in the National Art Museum in Vilnius, Lithuania, and in private and corporate collections in the U.S., Canada and Europe.

Contacting Information
Arvydas Algminas can be reached at 327 Southcote Road, Riverside, IL 60546 , or by phone at 708-447-4065.

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